Tangent Consultant Group And Suppliers

Civil Engineering

TCG has well qualified Civil and Electrical teams capable of turnkey project delivery to the client.

Site Survey and Acquisition

As per latitude and longitude given by Customer we will do the survey and identify the feasible location for building the Cell Tower. We will do negotiation with the owner on rent, advance, duration of lease, enhancement on Passive Infrastructure sharing and collect the documents and do the Legal opinion. Once the legal procedure is clear, will consult with the customer and go for rental agreement with the owner.

Soil Test, Structural Stability and Tower Design

We will also do the soil testing for Ground based towers and based on the wind speed and Soil Bearing Capacity tower will be designed. We will dig up to 5M and collect the samples and soil investigation will be done in our laboratory and will find out the SBC value accordingly tower will be designed and complete site layout which includes tower, dg, shelter or cage, fencing, gate will be prepared and submit to the customer. We will also do the RTT tower design and layout.

Civil and Electrical works

We carry out the Tower, DG, shelter, OD BTS bed foundations Fencing and Guard Room works. The steps involved in civil works are Marking, Excavation, and Dressing, PCC, Raft, First Lift, Second Lift and Template fixing. We will also carry out earthing or grounding, internal and external electrical works. External electrical works are Pole to meter box cabling, meter box to AMF and AMF to ACDB cabling, DG Installation and Commission, GI Strip routing, Lightening arrestor installation and commission, Aviation lamp installation and commission, Meter box installation and Testing. Internal electrical works are ACDB installation, Battery, SMPS, Stabilizer and PIU installation and commission, Power Sockets, Bus bars Tube lights installation and testing.

Operation and Maintenance of Cell Sites (O&M)

We are more focusing on O&M of cell sites, AMC of class A materials, O&M of OFC. We are taking care of Diesel Filling, EB bills collection, Preventive Maintenance, Breakdown Maintenance, Ensuring to reach owner rental payments in time, Estate management, Security Management, Fuel Management, Fault management etc.

BTS, BSC, MSC installation and Commission

We have our own teams to carry out the RF cabling, MW/GSM Antenna installation, BTS installation and commission, BSC installation and commission, Transcoder unit installation and commission, Battery bank, SMPS installation and commission, civil and electrical works of BSC installation, MSC installation and commission with civil and electrical work.

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