Our Services

Tangent can serve you with wide variety of services from project planning to post implementation stages. Some of the related service domain included but not limited to are:

  • Telecommunication Engineering
  • Technical Consulting
  • Signal Processing
  • Fiber Optic, Microwave, Satellite and Wireless Networks
  • Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks
  • Telecom Test and Measurement Solutions
  • Telecom Infrastructure
  • Network Design and Optimization
  • Telecom Site Survey
  • Test Report and Solution
  • Soil Testing

Telecom Services 

Tangent can provide telecom consultant services to your organization. Our team has the expertise and experience to take your wireless telecom projects to the highest level of quality.

Indoor coverage

Some radio frequency consultants do indoor coverage ‘on the site’. Yet, indoor and outdoor coverage are two distinct areas in radio planning, each requiring its own expertise. Tangent has acknowledged this fact from the start. We have developed our expertise on indoor measurement tools that allow us to design your indoor network and optimize the Quality of Service with unprecedented precision. Therefore, we can truly say that we are the quality leader when it comes to planning, optimizing and validating indoor network coverage.

Power solution

Tangent specializes in providing end to end power solutions. We have been performing Installation and Commissioning  of solar solution in various telecom sites. We also specialize in 3 phase and 1 phase electrical power connections. We have expert team to perform batteries installation and commissioning.

Network Design

When starting out with an RF‐project, it is naturally most efficient to do it right the first time around. Tangent has the expertise to assist and manage even the most demanding radio planning challenges including network design. Our experts work with a variety of network technologies, concerning GSM, CDMA, UMTS, GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA, Wi‐fi, WiMAX and RFID. We can assist you in translating your network requirements into network design criteria, propagation model tuning, nominal network design, site surveys, Neighbor planning, frequency planning and parameter planning. Whether your network is outdoor or indoor, areal or terrestrial: Tangent would like to be the telecom specialist that helps you realize the best performing network.

Network Validation

Your network may be functioning, but is it performing? Tangent can tell you. We scan and benchmark your network, do a base station audit, measure quality & performance and present you with a clear and concise (as well as comprehensive) analytical report. Using state of art equipment’s, our telecom specialists can provide insight into the Quality of Service of your network. We perform end‐to‐end quality measurement for voice, data, video and messaging services. Network validation is the first step in detecting, identifying and solving problems in your network.

Network Optimization

Network optimization generally makes a dramatic difference in the performance of a RF‐based network. The specific knowledge of the Tangent telecom specialists allows us to squeeze the ultimate performance from your existing installation, often with minimal hardware or software changes.

Improvements can often be achieved simply by tuning the BSS‐parameters of your BSC, interference analysis and KPI analysis. Sometimes physical changes, such as re‐ azimuths, tilts, selecting better sites or installing repeaters will bring the greatest enhancements. Our clear and concise optimization reports will present an overview of the changes that would deliver the greatest improvements in your specific situation, thus, ensuring you can make an informed choice regarding the best solution.

We realize that you have a choice in telecom consultants that will promise to optimize your network. Usually they can, since most networks allow for simple adjustments that can easily increase performance by a small margin. But when it is important to your organization to really make the most of your network, Tangent would gladly demonstrate you how we are the quality leading telecom consultant when it comes to network optimization.

Consultants Outsourcing

Tangent has developed a strong understanding and presence in our areas of expertise. Through our extensive professional network and partners, we have access to the best and brightest people from the industry locally and internationally.

We understand that good staffing decisions are crucial for any organization’s success. Therefore, our team takes time to understand your requirements to ensure we match the right candidate to the right job and eliminate the guesswork.

BTS Service

Tangent can provide full range of BTS Installation and Commissioning services to your organization. Our team has the expertise and experience to take your telecom projects to the highest level of quality. Some standard process and procedure taken into our account.

Receipt of site information from customer along with TND/RND

RFI check along with ensuring the site permissions

Material reception at the sites and checking as per packing list. Intimate to the customer in case of any deficiency

Hoisting of GSM/CDMA antennas on tower as per TND/RND

Clamping and routing of RF cables from Shelter to Antennae

Grounding the Antennae and RF cables at appropriate place

Ensuring drip loop/Z loop at cable entry plate

Ensuring no sharp bend on RF cables

Fixing OGB

Weather proofing

Fixing EMPs/Surge arrestors along with connection in shelter

Grouting the BTS

Extending, power cables, E1 cables, grounding cables to BTS

Fixing IGB and extending grounding to all peripheral equipment

Fixing DDF

Installation of Battery bank and rectifier

Installation of internal cable try

Installation of indoor jumpers

Checking VSWR

Switching on the equipment

Commissioning the equipment as per defined procedure

Power measurement

Filling the check list and execution of quality audit

Project Management Services

Tangent’s Project Management and Planning services is a specialized service that provides its clients end‐to‐end project management services encompassing the entire life cycle of telecom infrastructure implementation starting from site survey to site integration, Tangent Project Management helps complete compliance and ensures that all issues are strictly managed and controlled to the required specifications.

  • Proposal Development
  • Planning and Network Design
  • Vendor Coordination and Supply
  • Cost Estimates
  • Evaluation and Inspection
  • Detail Task Scheduling
  • Day to day progress monitoring and review
  • Project review meetings
  • Material management Infrastructure vendor technical evaluation
  • Resource requirement planning
  • Warehouse planning
  • Equipment Installation planning

Consulting Services 

At Tangent we believe consulting is all about finding ways to make business more effective and efficient about giving a source of competitive advantage. We focus on business needs of our customer and provide solutions based on our expert judgment. Our consulting services include:

Network Consulting

We offer wide range of Network consulting services to suit our client’s business requirements. We can provide services in all domains of wireless and wired networking:

  • Vendor Selection and analysis
  • Network Planning and dimensioning
  • Network Implementation and testing
  • Network Optimization

Business Consulting & Planning

We offer wide range of business solutions including business opportunities and risk management, to meet the needs of clients in a professional and procedural manner. Services are provided for supporting investment decisions to maximize returns or minimize risks, on which ultimate business success is based. We provide Business consultancy services in following domains:

  • Strategy Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Sales and Marketing Model
  • Viability Analysis
  • Infrastructure Requirement Analysis
  • Growth Strategy
  • Implementation Strategy
  • Process Management

End to End Power Solution

  • Certified electricians, trained on telecommunications power supply equipment such as Rectifiers, Batteries, Standby Generators, Uninterruptible Power Supplies and all associated reticulation.
  • Ensure that power systems on site are adapted to local conditions providing stable supplies to critical equipment.
  • Trained manpower for Solar Panel and Solar System Installation, commissioning and Maintenance.

RF Services

R F Survey

The goal of a RF site survey by Tangent is to acquire ample information to determine the number and placement of access points that allows optimal coverage throughout the facility.

R F Network Planning and Optimization

Tangent’s RF Engineering Resources are well trained to use state‐of‐the‐art industry standard tools for design, planning and testing the networks to ensure that the network design meets the network performance objectives of the customer.

Drive Test

Drive Test is conducted for checking coverage criteria of a cell site with RF drive test tool. The data collected by drive test tool as Log files is analyzed to evaluate various RF parameters of the network. Drive Route and Site Data for the sites to be driven is taken from customer in addition suggested hot spots or important roads as analyzed to be important. Drive Test LOG File of the specified Drive Route / Site is saved and the same will be handed over to customer at the end of the day. Drive Test identify routine field optimization issues like cable swapping, missing neighbors, overshooting cells etc., and rectify the same with the help of the customer.

Solar System Service

Tangent can provide optimized Solar System Installation and Commissioning services to your organization. Our team has the expertise and experience to take your projects to the highest level of quality. Some standard process and procedure taken into our account.

Understand the principles in how solar energy generates electricity in photovoltaic systems.

Identify the components, configurations and different types of PV systems that can be installed.

Analyze the electrical and mechanical load details of buildings/Telecom Sites, solve simple problems involving energy efficiency and perform PV system sizing calculations with the aid of Microsoft Excel.

Perform jobsite analyses to determine structural integrity and suitability in the selection of an appropriate location for a PV system installation.

Apply the proper health and safety practices and procedures needed in the installation of PV systems, such as working with electrical equipment and wires, PV system components and working at elevated heights.

Gain hands – on exposure while working efficiently during a PV system installation and conduct electrical and system performance measurements.

Determine issues and maintenance requirements for a completed PV system..

Coordinate with other persons, gain teamwork experience and build networks in group projects involving the complete design and construction of a stand-alone PV system.

Install and test the Junction box which is a part of Solar System.

Install and commission batteries that will store the solar energy produced from the solar panel.

After installation of batteries, ensuring the solar panel is charging the batteries properly and the battery is providing sufficient power to installed equipment.





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